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20 In-Demand Jobs That Can Be Done Remotely—and All Pay $100,000 Or More

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With pandemic recovery on the horizon for many in the U.S., employers are reimagining their workforces as buildings reopen and businesses adapt to a post-Covid world. For many leaders, that means finding out how to offer work-from-anywhere arrangements to meet employees' desire for flexibility.

One analysis from the jobs site Indeed found that postings are now twice as likely to mention the ability to work remotely than before the pandemic. And on FlexJobs, the career site dedicated to remote work, employers are increasingly hiring for high-paying senior roles that can be done from home, says FlexJobs career development manager and coach Brie Reynolds.

Postings for remote jobs at the senior level — such as for director, department head, vice president, general manager and chief officer — increased by 22% in the last year. The share of these high-level openings has grown by 6% in 2021 alone.

To examine where senior-level remote hiring is happening most, FlexJobs identified 20 job openings that have become more common on the site and offer fully remote, full-time schedules and pay more than $100,000.

Employers building remote teams need remote HR leaders

One big area for remote hiring is within the human resources department, which Reynolds says is a good indication the employer is committed to building out its remote workforce. It makes sense for recruiters hiring remote talent, or HR partners developing remote talent, to be remote themselves and better advocate for these employees.

There may also be tax implications for doing so. Organizations with remote employees have to make sure they're following the right local and state tax laws where their teams work from. Local labor laws that dictate wage hours and rules, termination, noncompetition, paid leave and more can also vary by location. For example, a San Francisco-based company hoping to hire a remote workforce in the Atlanta metro area could be well served by hiring a remote HR business partner to oversee certain compliance policies unique to Georgia workers.

Here are some of the top HR jobs employers are hiring for remotely, according to FlexJobs:

Hiring for tech and finance workers remains strong

Not surprisingly, tech jobs for engineers, project managers and product managers are well represented in FlexJobs listings, especially as organizations work to improve their tech infrastructure to support more remote work, while also building out new products and services.

Some of FlexJobs' top openings in tech and their average annual salary include:

Finance jobs were some of the most common roles companies held onto throughout the past year. Now, many are hiring additional finance leadership roles to help balance budgets sent askew during the pandemic, and to get companies back on track in the months ahead. Here are some of common openings, according to FlexJobs:

Top marketing and customer service roles

Reynolds tells CNBC Make It that many high-paying remote openings also fall in marketing and communications. This may be a reflection of companies looking ahead to the coming year and "shifting their marketing to meet whatever challenges they intend to face," she says.

Here are some of the top marketing and communications jobs listed on FlexJobs:

Many organizations expanded their e-commerce functions over the last year and needed additional customer service workers to support these operations. As a result, more customer-oriented leadership roles are opening up as companies make a long-term commitment to build their online presence. Open roles on FlexJobs include:

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