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Upscale Crescent Hotel Coming to Fort Worth's Cultural District

Luxury hotel development expected to open in 2023, developer says

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A Fort Worth developer is making a big bet on his hometown. John Goff is bringing his prestigious Crescent real estate, known to many Dallasites, to Cowtown.

With great pride, Goff walked between Fort Worth‘s storied Kimbell and Modern art museums, near where his new $250 million Crescent development will sit. Goff announced the luxury project earlier this year,

“It’s time. Fort Worth is ready for a first-class hotel. I think it’s been needed for some time,” Goff said.

The development is just a rendering now, but in two years the Crescent will boast a 200-room luxury hotel, restaurant, rooftop lounge, offices, and 170 residential units in the heart of Fort Worth’s Cultural District.

A lot of developers have unsuccessfully tried to do a project like this for many years. Goff said relationships with the neighboring museums helped him gain trust.

“I think, first of all, we are local. We live here. So we are not an out-of-town developer coming in trying to exercise our influence. We love these museums. We respect the architecture and the limitations that they say they needed in that development and they were frankly very easy to work around for us.”

Goff said it will look and feel different from Dallas’ Crescent development; casual yet sophisticated.

Photos: Crescent Real Estate Bringing $250 Million Luxury Development to Cowtown's Cultural District

“I like to refer to it as the living room of Fort Worth. So when you drive by, you’re going to want to go in and rest up, have a drink, have dinner, see friends.”

Goff, who cochaired Fort Worth Now, which focused on business recovery in the pandemic, said jobs are coming to the hotel and Canyon Ranch, and urban wellness facility that will also be included.

“We are bouncing back. The issue is getting employees and that continues to be a struggle across the country in all of our properties, particularly hotels. It’s coming back,” said Goff.

The project is certainly not Goff‘s first rodeo in development, but for him, he said, it’s personal.

“I love this city. It’s been a wonderful place to grow a business, grow a family and I feel like I owe it something,” Goff said.

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