Club Dada's Closure Only Temporary

Patrons of a Deep Ellum club that shut its doors can rest easy -- the closing appears to be only temporary.

A visit Wednesday by Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agents and Dallas fire marshals inflamed rumors that Club Dada had closed for good. And signs in the club's window stated that two events that had been scheduled at the venue would be held elsewhere.

But the club's owners voluntarily decided to temporarily close Club Dada to take care of fire code and alcohol-distributor billing issues.

Fire officials said fire marshals can shut the club down if the owners do not address the fire-code issues that have been brought to their attention.

Deep Ellum has a history of failed businesses, but the community hopes Club Dada can hold on.

"Historically, Deep Ellum has always been a place of transition, and so it is tough when we do hear another one bites the dust," said Tanner Hockensmith, of Life in Deep Ellum, a nonprofit organization.

Some say the area is undergoing a metamorphosis.

"We now have over 20 art galleries in Deep Ellum," Hockensmith said. "That's pretty amazing. We may have lost some good music venues, which has been hard, but we've gained some stellar, stellar galleries that have really grown."

People who work and live in Deep Ellum said they have a clear vision for the area -- that its future will mirror its past, making it a city within a city.

"It's just really the spirit of what Deep Ellum is, and that's really giving a place for entrepreneurs and creative people to come and create and thrive," Hockensmith said.

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