Bring the Baby, But Keep Stuff Home

While the current economy is a strain on many businesses, one North Texas woman says her baby equipment rental business is growing and getting better all the time.

Amy Griffiths said she is raking in the profits with her business catered for people who hate to carry baby equipment on long trips.

"I have car seats, high chairs, strollers, (and) boxes of toys," she said.

The Web site for her company, Bring the Baby, has a detailed listing of the equipment customers can rent.

"Primarily, it's grandparents and they're bringing the baby back to show off," Griffiths said. "Also, a lot of people whose kids have gottten older and they have friends coming in to town, and they don't want to go buy a crib, and the people don't want to lug everything on the airplane."

One of her repeat customers is Juliette Sweda of Dallas. She rents a crib when her brother's young family comes to visit.

"With family coming in town, they can't bring the crib with them, they're not staying at a hotel, they're staying here," Sweda said. "And she just makes it simple. She brings the crib. She sets it up. It's got the sheets."

Griffiths said the economy hasn't damaged her bottom line; in fact, Bring the Baby seems to be booming.

"I'm getting busier because a lot of people are hearing about it," she said.

Rentals are by the day, or week, and when you're done, she'll come back to break it down, and pick it up.

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