American Airlines Ties One On for the Troops

American shows support for the military.

Fort Worth-based American Airlines is no stranger when it comes to supporting members of the military and their families.

American and its employees volunteer to help many projects such as Sky Ball, the Snowball Express and the 091 Foundation.  Now, American is using two of its planes as a canvas for a very visual and sky-high symbol of its support for the military. 

To commemorate Veterans' Week, American rolled out a Boeing 757 (dubbed Flagship Freedom)  and an American Eagle ATR commuter plane at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport sporting huge yellow ribbons on their tails, along with the slogan "in support of those who serve."

"It is with a sense of deep honor, respect, and responsibility that we extend the heart and soul of our airline to these heroes, and it is a privilege to dedicate the two yellow-ribbon aircraft to all those who have and will serve our country," said Capt. Mark Hettermann, vice president of flight for American Airlines.

Dozens of employees at American donated their time to apply the ribbons on the tails, and American said the yellow ribbons on the planes are just a visual extension of its support to the military. Among those at the rollout ceremony were surviving members of the Tuskegee airmen, World War II heroes all. 

Thousands of American Airlines employees are veterans, and many are still members of National Guard and military reserve units.

"This is just a small token of our appreciation for the dedication and patriotism of our employees who have worn the cloth for this country and for those who have paid the price of freedom we all enjoy," said Capt. Jim Palmersheim, AA director of veterans affairs.

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