American Airlines Mishandled and Lost More Luggage Than Any Carrier Last Year

American and its partners lost or mishandled more than a million bags in 2019

american airlines AA new livery
American Airlines

U.S. airlines lost or mishandled almost 3 million pieces of luggage in 2019, and nearly a third of those were on American Airlines flights.

Fort Worth-based American fell to last in 2019 in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s rankings for mishandled and lost luggage, botching delivery on 8.48 of every 1,000 pieces of baggage. To compare, Southwest Airlines’ mishandled baggage rate was about half that.

The data includes numbers for American and its branded codeshare partners, which captures its own mainline and Envoy regional flights and those operated by its regional affiliates, including Mesa and SkyWest airlines.

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