AA Pilots Meet to Consider Options

Pilots meet to consider strike possibilities.

American Airlines pilots attended union meetings on Tuesday at nine locations across the country to look over options if labor talks continue to stall.

Pilots at American call prospects for progress with the company "dismal."

Last week, leaders of the Allied Pilots Union said it considered asking the federal government for permission to engage in random, limited strikes -- possibly refusing overtime or shutting down flight operations one airport at a time for several hours.

"Our goal is to put pressure on management. we want to minimize the impact on our passengers," said Scott Shankland, of the Allied Pilots Association.

Negotiations on a new contract started two and a half years ago. American Airlines says it  "remains fully committed to the mediation process."

The pilots association said it hopes President Barack Obama's administration is sympathetic to union members. The union may submit a formal request this summer to allow the job actions.

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