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Problem Solvers: Woman Not Billed After Switching Power Providers

Customer doesn't receive bills from Green Mountain Energy for three months



    After signing up with a new energy provider, a Fort Worth woman had a case of a missing utility bill.

    Sheri Lindsey signed up for service with Green Mountain Energy at a store kiosk over the summer, switching from TXU Energy. But then she never received a bill for three months.

    "About a month later, I realized I hadn't received anything from them (Green Mountain)," Lindsey said. "I called and was told my account was never set up although I had an account number in their system. That was a little concerning. Eventually I received a welcome package but never a bill."

    Lindsey told a Green Mountain customer service representative that her service had been transferred months ago.

    Woman Not Billed After Switching Power Providers

    [DFW] Problem Solvers: Woman Not Billed After Switching Power Providers
    A Fort Worth woman had power in her home but had no idea who to pay after she switched energy providers but was never billed.
    (Published Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011)

    "He informed me that my meter hadn't been checked yet," she said. "I asked if this meant I would receive a huge bill for three plus months, and I was told, 'Probably.' I was informed I could send in payments equivalent to my normal electric bill until I receive one from them."

    But Lindsey said she didn't feel comfortable sending money to Green Mountain without knowing if it was actually providing her electric service. She said she was also worried she would get socked with a huge bill and that Green Mountain would not work with her if she needed time to pay it off.

    When contacted by NBC 5, Green Mountain fast-tracked the investigation into her account.

    "The customer had about $250 of unbilled fees for the past three months," spokeswoman Marci Grossman said. "We do not know why the customer's account did not bill, and we're researching it. This is a one-time incident and not something other customers are experiencing."

    As a courtesy, Green Mountain credited Sheri $100, and set up a four-month payment plan for her to pay off the $150 balance.

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