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Trading The Boardroom for The Sidewalk

A North Texas banker capitalized on being downsized



    Trading The Boardroom for The Sidewalk

    Instead of brokering deals for Chase Bank, Bruce Burgess is now selling hot dogs in front of the bank. 

    "I worked as a banker for decades and after going with out a paycheck for two years, I am now in control and having fun," said Burgess from his hot dog cart in Downtown Dallas

    Burgess started Big City Dogs as a result of the struggling economy, he now has four carts and plans to expand.

    "You're making a dollar for each hot dog but it's a long way to go before your making $50 to $60 thousand dollar commissions," said Burgess.
    John Crawford, the Chief Executive Officer of "Downtown Dallas" said street vendors are the key to creating vibrancy and buzz downtown. "It gives Dallas a much bigger city feel which people like to be part of," said Crawford.

    The Banker Turned Hot Dog Vendor

    [DFW] The Banker Turned Hot Dog Vendor
    Bruce Burgess went from the boardroom to the sidewalk and started a hot dog vendor business in downtown Dallas.
    (Published Friday, Sept. 18, 2009)

    Locals who live downtown especially like the addition of more street vendors."I really like it it brings home a feeling like New York I really like it," said Lashanda Bonner.
    Burgess grew up in New York City and has experience with hot dogs. "Our signature all beef dog comes with sauerkraut and Sabrett's red onion sauce shipped in straight from Brooklyn," said Burgess.

    As for going back to banking, Burgess said no chance, "I love being out here with the people."