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Texas Stadium Site Redevelopment Moving Forward

Plans are moving forward in plan to redevelop Texas Stadium site



    It's been three years since the former home of the Dallas Cowboys near Loop 12 and Highway 114 was imploded, now the City of Irving is revealing its plans for the old site of Texas Stadium. (Published Monday, April 29, 2013)

    An urban resort, a mixed use village and an eco-community were some of the initial visions Irving city leaders had when they knew the Texas Stadium would no longer host football fans.

    "None of those ideas are off the table. We haven't identified a specific plan for the site as far as a specific developer for the site," said Doung Janeway, the city's chief development officer.

    Janeway said planned adjustments to the multiple roadways passing through the old Texas Stadium site are now taking shape.

    "We've actually completed Phase One of the Diamond Interchange project, which essentially raised Loop 12 up so that the DART Orange Line can come under Loop 12 into the Urban Center and into DFW Airport," said Janeway.

    Janeway said improving the infrastructure will significantly raise the value of the site, making it even more appealing to developers.

    "There has always been a plan by the city council here to make sure that the Texas Stadium site is developed in a way that is representative of its history. It's iconic. It'll be something you remember. It'll be significant," he said.

    Howard Tubre, who has lived in Irving since 1989, said he hopes plans will include something for everyone to use.

    "Things I can enjoy, like go down, sit down, have a beer or glass of wine and just enjoy myself looking at shops, that's what I'd really like to see," he said.

    Janeway said TxDOT's use of staging construction projects at the site is actually speeding up the progress of improving the infrastructure of that area.