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Rental Car Shortage Following Storms



    Rental Car Shortage Following Storms
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    You may have to wait a couple of days for a rental car because of a sharp demand following this week's storms.

    You're not the only one whose car was damaged by hail in this week's storms -- rental car companies also had damage.

    Damage to rentals plus a sharp increase in demand while folks' cars are in the body shop equals a wait time for this post-storm commodity.

    State Farm on Thursday afternoon already had over 3,000 auto claims on the books alone.

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car, which also owns National and Alamo, deals a lot with insurance replacements. It lost about 2,000 vehicles because of damage, spokeswoman Lisa Martini said Thursday.

    "In the past 24 hours, we've secured about 2,000 vehicles to come in the coming weeks to replace those that were lost," she said.

    Enterprise hopes to have 4,000 more arrive in the Metroplex in the coming weeks.

    Most companies, including Enterprise, are prioritizing requests. They are making sure their reservations are taken care of, then giving cars to insurance and corporate partners using the vehicles to get out into communities to get folks back up and running and then renting to people who need replacement vehicles while their cars are in the shop.

    People who don't fall into one of those categories could be looking at a one- or two-day wait for a rental car.