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Plano Mulls Rules for Sail Banners

City could add regulations on number of signs, placement



    Plano is discussing how to regulate a type of temporary sign gaining in popularity.

    "Sail banners," which are often taller than 15 feet and usually fly alongside a street curb.

    Selso Mata, Plano's chief building official, said the signs are gowing in size and quantity.

    “We see them along major thoroughfares," he said. "We’ve seen them in East Plano on 14th, Avenue K and Jupiter."

    Plano Considers Regulating Sail Banner Signs

    [DFW] Plano Considers Regulating Sail Banner Signs
    As a type of temporary sign gains popularity, Plano is thinking about adding new rules about how to use them
    (Published Monday, March 5, 2012)

    The city is starting to consider adding regulations.

    “We have rules about getting a permit for them, but we don’t regulate in terms of the number and the size,” he said.

    Mata said Plano is concerned about businesses using too many signs or signs that are too large. They could distract drivers or impair vision for drivers making turns.

    “[The signs] can have a picket-fence effect where there are several of them in a row,” he said. “That can block the intersection.”

    Mata said the signs are only allowed by permit to business owners. Businesses may pay for a permit to use the signs twice per year for two weeks at a time, or three weeks if introducing a new business.

    Some possible regulations include limiting the number of signs per property and where the signs can be placed.

    Mata said the city wants to see businesses succeed and is not considering a ban on sail banners.