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Oncor Warns About Phone Scam

Oncor says hang up on the person calling you about your bill



    Oncor Warns About Phone Scam

    Oncor electric delivery is alerting its customers to a phone scam designed to get you to divulge private information.

    According to Oncor someone is calling customers from a blocked number saying they need to pay their bill right now over the phone or their power will get disconnected.

    Oncor tells NBC 5, the company does not accept payments by phone-only third party providers and is encouraging anyone who gets the call to hang-up on the caller.

    Oncor has posted the following warning on its Facebook page.

    Oncor will NEVER request payment directly from customers to prevent outages, either in person or on the phone. Retail Electric Providers send customers electric bills and accept customer payments NOT Oncor. Oncor will never request payment to prevent your power from being disconnected. If you use caller ID, look for our phone number - 888.313.6862 - listed to indicate that it is Oncor calling. Additionally, Oncor representatives in the field always carry company identification. If you ever receive a call from someone or meet someone who claims to work at Oncor and you are unsure, you can call 888.313.6862 to talk to an Oncor representative. If ever fearful for your safety, call 911.