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Leave the Paper Behind at the ATM



    Leave the Paper Behind at the ATM
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    ATM going paperless

     A new service in paperless banking is coming to a Wells Fargo near you. The bank will now offer its on-line banking customers an e-receipt option at the ATM.  Instead of getting a printed receipt, customers will have the option to get it sent to their personal email or on-line banking in-box. It's just the latest sign of an industry which is quickly becoming paperless.

    "What it looks like today isn't anything remotely resembling what it looked like when it began," said Steve Mason with Bank of America. Currently Bank of America doesn't offer the same service as Wells Fargo but agrees bank customers seem to be embracing the paperless trend with open arms.

    "I have no idea why they would even keep paper now as it is," said Dallas resident, Tony Lemons. Even those who still get paper statements in the mail are on the verge of making the change.

    "I actually don't look at them half the time. So I do want to change it to the paperless," said Dallas resident, Roxanne Cabrera. 
    From ATM's to banking on smart phones and beyond, customers have a wide variety of options when it comes to keeping their money straight.

    Paperless Banking is the Future

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    "There's a lot of fraud these days," said Mason. "So it helps to protect our customers against a statement being delivered in a mailbox and some person stealing it out of the mailbox."

    It's not just a security issue. It's an environmental one as well. "We want to help them reduce their environmental footprint," said Mason. But no matter where you bank, there's one idea you may have to start getting used to. "Paperless is good," said Cabrera.