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Gas Guzzler Could Cost You Even More



    Some car owners are not too happy with a new fee the state is considering. Lawmakers are talking about the idea of a surcharge for gas guzzlers with bad emissions.

    A $100 surcharge against such drivers would generate millions of dollars for the state, who needs to make up for a multi-billion-dollar budget deficit. The surcharge is one possible solution to help recoup billions in losses, and while some folks are all for punishing those with low gas mileage the idea is not sitting well with some owners of trucks and SUV's.

    "I think there's ways to cut in other places to get that money," said car owner Steven Williams. "I think it's another way for the government trying to control what we do. If I want to pay more gas money for driving this car, then I should be able to do that."

    "If you want to get 15-18 miles a gallon, you pay more in road taxes. You don't want to pay income taxes," said Mark Doom, of Dallas.

    New Surcharge on Gas Guzzlers?

    [DFW] New Surcharge on Gas Guzzlers?
    State officials are considering a hundred dollar surcharge on new vehicles which don't meet federal fuel efficiency standards.
    (Published Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011)

    "If you're going to drive a car, then I think you ought to take on those responsibilities and make sure that it meets those standards," said Sondra Soto, who added that driving is a privilege that should be subject to new regulations.

    No bill has been drafted yet, so state lawmakers don't even know to which cars or trucks the possible surcharge could apply.