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Police: Irving Shoplifters Go Directly to Jail



    Police: Irving Shoplifters Go Directly to Jail
    Roger Negri will be living rent-free and behind bars for skipping on the rent.

    Irving police say they have very little tolerance for anyone caught shoplifting at Irving Mall.

    "If you're caught for any amount of shoplifting -- no matter what the item was -- you will be arrested, and you will be taken to jail," Officer David Tull said.

    In a rough economy, officials at Irving Mall say store owners can't afford to lose money.

    "If you let one shoplifter go, it will continue to happen, and they don't want to see that repeating itself over and over again," said Holly Conner, of Irving Mall.

    Irving police will also step up patrols in the parking lot at the mall, looking for car burglars peeking in windows.

    "I've walked around this parking lot and looked in windows and seen purses, phones, even money, in plain sight," Tull said.

    If Irving police spot a car with valuables in plain sight, they will put a blue "report card" on the window, letting the driver know they are tempting burglars with visible goodies. The card is not a citation.

    "This car has a box in the back, " Tull said, pointing to a gray Ford Focus. "It could be a box of chocolates. I don't know. It could be something else."

    Mall officials said they want their customers and store owners to feel safe.

    "The holiday season does put a festive mood in everyone, but there are people out there ready to take that away from you and steal your holiday joy," Conner said.