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Irving Committee to Offer Assistance to Veterans

Committee to help veterans find employment



    The City of Irving formed a veteran's committee to help veterans find the right jobs and right resources in their search for employment in Irving. (Published Wednesday, March 28, 2012)

    Irving is forming a committee to help link veterans with jobs and resources.

    The City Council decided last week to form the Veterans Committee. It will consist of city leaders and Irving residents who are veterans.

    City Manager Tommy Gonzalez said the committee would focus on looking at possible blind spots and how to provide more opportunties through job fairs and resume-writing assistance.

    Gonzalez, who retired about nine months ago from the U.S. Army after 22 years of service, said he understood the difficulties of finding a job.

    "I think this is an area where you can overcommit and do more for our veterans than maybe is necessary, because I think that is what they've given for us," he said.

    James Burleson has been out of work since July 29 after his office downsized. Burleson, who recently has worked as a technical writer and as a training manager, said it has been difficult to find work.

    "The interviews are coming left and right, it's just they're so competitive, and the majority of the positions that I've been interviewing for happened to fall within the guidelines of, I'll interview for it, and then it just goes on hold for budgetary reasons," he said.

    Burleson, 29, said he left the military because he wanted to create a career path in the civilian world. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force after eight years of service in April 2011.

    "Everyone has their own journey and their own destiny," said Burleson, who wants to pursue a career in acting. "For me, it's just, I know where I want to go in my life."

    He said he hopes good things will come his way soon.

    "I will never lose hope because I know that I'm confident that I have great education thanks to the military and great work experience to back up my ability to sustain any job," he said.