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Housing Money Enhances Lewisville Neighborhoods

Grant money repairs homes, improves neighborhoods



    Neighborhoods in Lewisville will get a makeover thanks to grant money.

    The Lewisville Housing Rehabilitation Program gives eligible residents help in fixing up their homes.

    Nika Reinecke, the city's director of economic development and planning, said the program is funded through a federal grant, and $150,000 will be allocated to residents who qualify.

    "Probably some of them would be a complete reconstruction," Reinecke said. "Some of our housing stock was developed in the '50s and '60s, so it's time for them to be revamped."

    Lewisville's Housing Rehabilitation Program

    [DFW] Lewisville's Housing Rehabilitation Program
    Residents in Lewisville get a chance to fix up their homes with grant money from the city.
    (Published Wednesday, July 27, 2011)

    The home of Suzanne Cole, who was born and raised in Lewisville, is falling apart after years of wear and tear.

    "This was the home we were going to live in the rest of our lives, and hopefully I can," she said.

    Her husband died earlier this year, and she needs help to fix the house.

    "I got a couple of ceilings that needs taping and bedding," Cole said. "But with my little pension and everything, I don't know if I can."

    Applicants must meet income requirements and must have owned the house for at least two years. The grant money can only be used to restore property to meet local codes and standards.

    It will will be handed out based on a priority scoring system, and Friday is the last day residents can apply.