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Laid Off? Executive Coach Reinvents Careers



    Laid Off? Executive Coach Reinvents Careers
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    If your employer has sent you packing, perhaps it's time for a career makeover.

    A Dallas-based executive coach helps people who've lost their jobs reinvent their careers by developing a person brand.

    Valerie Sokolosky stresses the importance of developing a personal brand and uses a "360" evaluation. It involves her clients sending questionnaires to their family, friends and colleagues.

    Sokolosky said developing a strong personal brand is critical to a successful job search.

    "I haven't found anyone it hasn't worked for," Sokolosky said.

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    Sue Moore is one of Sokolosky's clients. After being laid off from her job as a bank executive, she turned to Sokolosky for help in developing her personal brand. Sokolosky guided Moore through the 360 process.

    "It helped me to get very clear on who I am -- what I bring to the marketplace," Moore said.

    It worked. Moore has since landed a job as a financial advisor with a global financial services company. And she looks at her layoff in a whole new light.

    "It was probably one of the better things that's ever happened to me."

    Sokolosky's organization is called Valerie & Company. There's also a quiz you can take on your personal brand at: