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Digital Billboards Could Light Up Dallas



    Dallas is considering an ordinance that would allow digital billboards.

    Under the proposal, billboard companies could upgrade existing signs on area expressways. But three billboards would have to come down for every sign that goes digital.

    "This has nothing to do with putting up additional new billboards," Councilman Ron Natinsky said. "It has to do with changing the technology used to display the message."

    Digital billboards aren't currently allowed in the city because the signs used to use lightbulbs that turned on and off, and it was considered distracting, Natinsky said.

    Digital Billboards Could Light Up Dallas

    [DFW] Digital Billboards Could Light Up Dallas
    Dallas' Economic Development Committee hears a proposal to allow digital billboards in the city limits.
    (Published Monday, April 4, 2011)

    The city's Economic Development Committee heard a proposal to amend the sign ordinance Monday.

    Drivers say it sounds like a good idea.

    "I think there's a lot of clutter on the interstate as it is," Tyler Robinson said.

    "If it's a billboard that's already there, and they're going to clean it up and make it look nicer, then I think that's a good deal," Rick Ford said.

    But Councilwoman Ann Margolin said there is much to consider.

    "The brightness of the signs, the proximity to residential and my concern, at this point, is that we just not rush the process," she said.

    The Economic Development Committee is going to reconsider the issue in two weeks. From there, it could make a recommendation to send it to the full City Council.