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Dallas Among Five Recession-Resistant Texas Cities



    Dallas Among Five Recession-Resistant Texas Cities
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    Dallas fairs well in a new Brookings Institution study looking at how U.S. cities are coming back from the economic downturn.

    Dallas is fifth among cities considered recession-resistant compared to other cities in the United States according to a new study.

    Seven cities in Texas and Oklahoma are most likely to emerge from the economic downturn first, according to a Brookings Institution study. Meanwhile several cities in Florida and California may be stuck in the recession for a while.

    Despite how good things look for Texas cities, authors of the report say every city is suffering. "Still, none of these areas has yet returned to pre-recession levels of employment or output," said the study.

    Detroit with its dependence on automakers, for obvious reasons, is in last place in the study.

    Top 10
    1. San Antonio, Texas
    2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    3. Austin, Texas
    4. Houston, Texas
    5. Dallas, Texas
    6. McAllen, Texas
    7. Little Rock, Arkansas
    8. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    9. Tulsa, Oklahoma
    10. Omaha, Nebraska

    Bottom 10
    100. Detroit
    99. Bradenton, Florida
    98. Tampa, Florida
    97. Lakeland, Florida
    96. Jacksonville, Florida
    95. Modesto, California
    94. Fresno, California
    93. Stockton, California
    92. Toledo, Ohio
    91. Providence, Rhode Island