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Cheap Gas: Price War Breaks Out in Burleson

Unleaded now sells at $2.14 a gallon



    An old-fashioned gas price war is breaking out in Burleson.

    One after the other, gas stations along busy Wilshire Boulevard are joining the fray by dropping their prices.

    The price of unleaded has plummeted to $2.15 per gallon at a number of stations -- 36 cents less than the state average of $2.51 per gallon.

    Not to be outdone, one discount store even dropped its price on Wednesday by another penny to $2.14. That's a savings of more than $6 to fill an average mid-sized tank.

    Burleson H-E-B Sparks Gas Price War

    [DFW] Burleson H-E-B Sparks Gas Price War
    A new grocery store fires the first shot in a battle lowering gas prices to $2.14.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2010)

    "Whoo," said one woman, who was almost speechless. "I'm going, 'Pull that car right in there!' I wasn't going to let it go by, I'll tell you."

    It all started last week when San Antonio-based H-E-B opened its new grocery store in Burleson and offered gas at a big discount to lure customers.

    It's working -- its parking lot is packed.

    "This is America, and competition is what it's all about," said one driver. "This is the first time in years you've seen gas wars on gas."

    The big unanswered question: Will competition continue to push prices lower or will they jump back up as quickly as they dropped?