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American Airlines Statement on Lawsuit Against Former Employee

American Airlines statement



    American Airlines filed a lawsuit Tuesday against a flight attendant who was fired last month after making parody videos that poked fun at airline management.

    The suit accuses Gailen David of publishing personal flight information for airline executives on his blog and of improperly using airline trademarks -- specifically the letters "AA" on his websites. (Click here to read the full story.)

    The full text of American Airlines' statement:

    "The travel information of American Airlines' passengers is considered both private and confidential, regardless of their relationship to the company, as is the personal information of American Airlines' employees. This lawsuit is designed to identify and hold legally accountable those employees who have and who continue to provide private and confidential passenger travel information and personal employee information to former employee Gailen David for publication on his commercial websites. The suit also seeks to stop Mr. David's unauthorized infringement and dilution of American's trademarks on his websites. American is requesting an unspecified amount of damages and attorneys' fees from Mr. David and the unidentified employees, who are currently referred to as "Doe Defendants 1-10." As the employees are identified through the discovery process, the suit will be amended to name them as defendants. Additionally, employees who are found to have provided Mr. David with confidential company information will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. American will not tolerate the continued unauthorized disclosure of its passengers' confidential travel information and its employees' personal information, especially by its own employees, which is why the company is compelled to file this suit."

    Bruce Hicks, American Airlines spokesman