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Teen Implicated in 7-Eleven Slaying Admits to Shooting Another Store Clerk

Teen tells police he shot a store clerk last week



    Teen Implicated in 7-Eleven Slaying Admits to Another Shooting

    Colten Jon Moore, 18, was taken into custody and charged with capital murder in the death of 31-year-old Yosef Tulu. On Thursday afternoon, Garland police said the teen has admitted to shooting a different store clerk last week. (Published Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014)

    Garland police say Colton Moore, the teen implicated in the fatal shooting of 7-Eleven clerk Yosef Tulu, has admitted to shooting another store clerk.

    Police said during an interview with detectives Moore admitted to shooting a clerk last week at the Homeboys gas station. Homeboys is across the street from the same 7-Eleven where police said Moore shot and killed Tulu early Tuesday morning.

    Joe Harn, with the Garland Police Department, said officers were called to the Homeboys convenience store at about 11:40 p.m. Jan. 16. in response to a shooting call.

    Police said the clerk at the store told them he was shot twice as he walked toward his car.  The clerk, who managed to get back inside the store and call for help, said he never saw who shot him and had no idea why he was targeted.

    The clerk is now in stable condition.

    Robert Wysinger said he walked into the store moments after that shooting occurred.

    “I immediately called cops when I saw him bleeding,” said Wysinger. “He kept saying he was cold and was getting ready to go to sleep. Just kept telling me to call his mom and his boss, and tell his mom he was ok.”

    Police didn’t know at the time who was responsible, now authorities are confident they have caught the suspect.

    Harn said that investigators recovered evidence that supports Moore's confession and connects him to the shooting at Homeboys gas station. Harn said Moore will be charged with aggravated assault in the case.

    Moore has already been charged with capital murder in connection with Tulu's slaying.

    A vigil with at least a hundred people in attendance took place outside the 7-Eleven Thursday night where Tulu was killed. 

    Dana Knox, who helped organize the vigil, had a daughter who was classmates with Moore last year.

    “I'm glad they found the person responsible but it doesn't make it any easier when your child sat right next to him,” Knox said in tears.

    NBC 5's Ray Villeda contributed to this report.