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Firefighters Battle Blazes, High Heat



    Addison Apartment Keeps Crews Busy

    Fire crews fought a massive apartment fire a few blocks from Addison Airport on Friday afternoon. (Published Friday, Aug. 3, 2012)

    Dallas fire crews are fighting dual battles when dealing with fires during the intense summer heat.

    Fire crews fought a fire in an apartment in the 10000 block of Audelia on Friday afternoon, while also trying to keep themselves from suffering the effects of high temperatures.

    Some crews have been using a work and rest cycle that has firefighters working for 20 minutes, then resting for 20 minutes.

    On Thursday, Dallas fire crews were also being checked by medics during their rest period in order to make sure they were not headed toward overheating.

    Apartment fires in Dallas, Addison, and other locations have been quickly upgraded from one to two alarms in order to get more firefighters on the scene of each blaze.