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Wylie ISD Welcomes Back Students, With Over Half Opting for In-Person Learning

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Wylie ISD welcomed kids back to school Thursday for the first time since they were sent home at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The district decided over the summer to allow parents to decide whether or not they wanted their kids to learn in person or remotely this school year.

“I do have full faith that they are capable of keeping our kids safe and keeping everything separated and masks on,” said mother Tonney Hester.

According to the district, just over 50% of parents opted to have their kids return to the classroom. Inside the school, the district said it is taking every possible safety precaution, including social distancing measures, to make sure kids and teachers stay safe.

“We know that there is so much socio-emotional things that happen in that classroom, the bonding and the extracurriculars and our goal is to provide as close to normal as we can while also maintaining safety parameters,” said Ian Halperin with Wylie ISD.

Outside, as parents lined up Thursday morning, traffic was noticeably lighter. But despite the oddities of the first day of school during a pandemic, parents and kids said the excitement remains the same.

“To be able to go see their friends and have a teacher instruct them personally, I think that is very worthwhile,” said mother Brenda Wilshire.

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