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Surprise Party Kicks Year Off for Teachers at Coppell School

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Teachers at Wilson Elementary in the Coppell ISD were told to come to campus on Thursday to pick up 'PPE' to get ready to teach during a pandemic. However, that was a ruse.

"In reality, we said the PPE was our 'Principal Pop-up Event'," Principal Cooper Hilton said. "We thought it would be neat just to kinda surprise our teachers, take a little break, give 'em lunch, encourage them with some fun music and pat on the back."

Teachers got boxed lunches and goody bags filled with supplies to help take the classroom home. The school year will start virtually for Wilson Elementary students.

"This was not something we planned for," Hilton said. "But nevertheless, our teachers are ready. They're excited to see our kids whether it's through a screen or face-to-face."

"It's such a crazy time," physical education teacher Lori Moore said. "This just makes you in a great mood. Look at this stuff!"

Classes start Monday. This school year will be a learning experience for everyone.

"So we kinda go back to what does our gut say as to why we got in this business," Hilton said. "And it's to love kids and take care of kids."

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