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Schools In Tarrant County Cope With Additional Guidelines For Reopening

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Late Friday afternoon, the clock strikes five, and the plan changes again.

Tarrant Country Health Director Vinny Taneja issuing a more than 20-page booklet with instructions on how schools should safely reopen even after the Texas attorney general said the county health department can't close schools.

"When you're sick and the doctor gives you some advice, 'hey lose weight, eat right' and you go seek a lawyer's opinion, is that the right thing to do?" asked Taneja.   

Everman ISD Superintendent  Curtis Amos agrees. 

"What was written by them was no longer bounded but one would have to understand because they're a public health department. There's going to be information that's going to be utilized because of their expertise when it comes to keep staff and students in the safe in the building," said Amos.  

But Amos and other school leaders still feel the political one up man ship needs to stop and state and county leaders speak in a unified voice to make the process easier for everyone. 

"That causes a lot of confusion and with the confusion, people start questioning, 'well do we have a handle on this,?'" said John Ramos, Castleberry ISD Superintendent.

School districts notified parents they were reviewing them for potential changes to their policies. The district leaders begging for consistency but the health director says the timing of all this was forced upon him, but his medical opinion hasn't budged.

He says his kids aren't going back to school and it's the best solution but he's encouraged by the latest trends which show cases are dropping in Tarrant county.

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