School Districts Working to Keep Students and Staff Safe From Coronavirus

Each district has protocols in place to handle cases

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Thursday was the first day back to school for Red Oak ISD with some in-person classes. 

"Very excited to walk in those hallways and actually hear some noise and actually see some children on the campuses," Red Oak ISD Superintendent Brenda Sanford said.

The district provided video showing steps it is taking to try and keep students and staff safe from coronavirus.

"We are doing temperature checks on anyone that actually comes in the building,” Sanford said. “That staff, that student, we are strictly limiting visitors trying not to have visitors unless it's absolutely necessary."

These are similar measures that other districts have in place. But some other districts are already reporting positive COVID-19 cases.

Waxahachie confirms a student tested positive.

Any Waxahachie ISD student or staff testing positive will be required to submit a letter of good health from a doctor's office before returning.

Prosper ISD confirms three positive cases. The district said in response the areas used by the individual have undergone additional extensive cleaning. They've increased the amount of cleaning during the school day and at night. Also they've added the use of Victory Electrostatic Misters for additional sanitizing of surfaces.

Wylie ISD reported two positive cases. One case at Cox and one at Birmingham Elementary schools.

Wylie's COVID-19 protocols include notification of those in close contact, contact tracing, isolation procedures and area sanitation.

Wylie ISD has a plan to pivot to all remote learning if need be, but no threshold has been set when that would happen.

Back at Red Oak ISD that is just getting started, they have planned that far ahead.

"Like a 10%,” Sanford said. “If there is a campus that is 10% or more then we will work with Dr. Nordstrom in order to enact a plan in order what do we need to do at that point."

*Map locations are approximate, central locations for the city and are not meant to indicate where actual infected people live.

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