Frisco ISD

North Texas Families Prepare to Navigate In-Person and Virtual School Choices

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This week, Frisco ISD is working on building class schedules based on parent and teacher selections for face-to-face and virtual learning this fall.

All students will start the first three weeks of the school year online, but parents could decide if they want to continue virtual instruction for six additional weeks.

According to results of the latest parent survey published by the district this week, just over half of parents opted for virtual learning for the first nine weeks of school – up from just over 44% in the last survey which closed July 14.

Joe Riggs and Jason Hanna’s twin six-year-olds are heading into the first grade this year. The family would have preferred to be back in school but decided to commit to the virtual academy for the first nine weeks.

“We really wanted them to get back in class. We feel like the hands-on instruction from the teacher as well as the social aspect of being around kids is instrumental in their education,” said Hanna. “But, with the continued rising in cases, we just didn’t feel it was safe yet.”

“Us staying home was an important decision for us because of our extended family - we’ve got some folks that have pre-existing conditions,” said Riggs.

Frisco ISD said the next chance for parents to change the instructional setting commitment will come after the first nine weeks of school.

Brie Martin also spent her summer weighing the options for her son - who is starting Kindergarten.

“I spent many, many days crying, trying to figure out financially what I could handle and what’s best for his needs,” said Martin.

The single mom and business owner opted for yet another option: she’s sending her son to a private school where he’ll attend in-person classes two days a week. Class sizes, she’s been assured, will be no larger than 10-12 children.

“With his immune system, it felt like the safest route for us with being able to still meet his social needs and emotional growth,” Martin said.

“The world we live in right now is not great,” said Martin. “I’ve just decided I’m going to put it in God’s hands and stick with the decision that I made and muddle through it as we need to.”

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