First Day of School Has Keller ISD Students Divided Between Classrooms and Living Rooms

Keller ISD started classes on Wednesday, a week later than originally planned

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The lines formed early for drop off at Keller Middle School. The first day of classes looked different from house to house.

"They were so excited about their first day of school today," Cassie Davidson said of her twin sixth-graders, Mason and Carson. "We all were!"

Keller ISD gave families the choice of either in-person classes or distance learning. About 63% chose in-person, including Davidson.

"I honestly feel like they went into a depression while they were in quarantine," Davidson said. "COVID is very much alive. Of course there are concerns, but if we're following the protocols and doing the due diligence; the hand washing, the mask-wearing, the social distancing, I feel like my kids are gonna be ok."

The Anderson family is among the 37% of students in Keller ISD who will start the year with remote learning.

"Both of my children have autoimmune disorders and they're immune-compromised," Heather Anderson said. "So I decided that remote would be the safest option for them."

Anderson said the first day of remote learning showed there will be a learning curve.

"So for example, today the teacher was up and walking around the classroom giving instruction to the in-person students, not realizing the kids online couldn't hear him or see what he was doing," Anderson said.

Anderson said if the COVID numbers decline, she hopes to send her kids to class at some point this year.

"If there's a really good treatment plan that comes out for COVID-19 I think I might feel more comfortable," Anderson said.

"Houses are divided," Davidson said. "I think parents are making the decisions that best suit their children."

Keller ISD has early release all week.

*Map locations are approximate, central locations for the city and are not meant to indicate where actual infected people live.

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