Denton Teachers Head Back to School Tuesday

Teachers in the Denton ISD will have three weeks to lesson plan, learn new health and safety procedures ahead of Aug. 26 school restart date

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Teachers in the Denton Independent School District will be back at work and in their respective buildings Tuesday for the first time, as a collective group, since the start of spring break last March.

The Aug. 4 start for teachers, ahead of the 2020-2021 school year, will give them three weeks to get acclimated to teaching during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic before the start of classes on Aug. 26.

“We need some time to allow them to get back and get acclimated, begin to see the process that we need to put in place to have a really good learning environment for our school year,” said Dr. Jamie Wilson, Superintendent of the Denton ISD.

Wilson said he has three goals for his teachers during this three-week time period:

  • Connect with families of their students to see how they are handling the pandemic and find out their “connectivity level”, including whether they need assistance from the district to access the remote learning lessons
  • Prepare lesson plans for remote learning, and familiarize themselves with the process and the technology
  • Learn the health and safety requirements that will be in place for the upcoming school year

“Transmission is going to happen in a school,” Wilson said. “And we know that when it comes to COVID transmission, and how contagious the virus is, we just need to be prepared to mediate that and provide environments where we limit the spread of COVID-19.”

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