Dallas School Creates Global Back-to-School Environment

Teachers and staff at Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary School turned hallways into global destinations to welcome students

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The sound of staplers and ripping paper echoed through the halls of Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary School in Dallas Thursday morning, as teachers and staff decorated for back-to-school.

"So today we're putting the finishing touches on our hallway," pre-k 4 teacher Patricia Garcia said from the top of a ladder. "This is Australia. I've never been but I would like to!"

This year's back-to-school theme is 'Cultivating Global Leaders.' The hallways are being transformed into scenes from Africa, Asia, South America, and more.

QR-codes located throughout the decorations allow students to scan their iPads to get more information about each place.

"We believe that environment sets the stage for learning," said Principal Sandra Barrios. "After COVID, we felt like we needed to do something where the kids could see themselves in the walls."

The school is located in Vickery Meadow, a diverse community.

"We speak over 25 different languages. We have over 5 continents represented in our neighborhood," Barrios said. "It is truly what captures the kids' attention and makes them want to keep coming to our campus."

"Hallways are a big deal here," Garcia said as she twisted brown paper into a tree branch. "Our principal always says that she wants to make this feel like Disneyland for the kids."

Students are not on vacation at Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary. During the pandemic, the school has maintained its A-rating with the TEA.

Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary students go back to classes on Monday, August 9.

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