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Dallas ISD Looking For Substitutes to Help With In-Person and Virtual Learning

"At any given moment, there's going to be someone who's out at a school and we will need their help," district leaders say

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We're just a few weeks out from the official start of school for Dallas ISD.

School starts Sept. 8 for both in-person and virtual learning.

Right now, the district is on a mission to find more substitute teachers to help them with what's already expected to be a challenging year. It's good news for job seekers as the economy continues to struggle throughout the pandemic.

The numbers help you think about it. In Dallas ISD, there are approximately 151,000 students, nearly 10,000 teachers and about 2,030 active substitute teachers.

The total number of subs also include those who are only signed up for certain times of the year.

That might sound OK during normal days but we're living in pandemic times.

"At any given moment, there's going to be someone who's out at a school and we will need their help. We will need the substitutes, especially during these times, so come join Dallas ISD," said John Vega, a deputy chief for Human Capital Management in the district.

He explained that having a solid back up system is essential in case staff and teachers or their loved ones get sick as school starts again.

Substitute teachers will help with both in-person and virtual learning, depending on the needs of the schools. Vega said subs have also been helpful in filling in for new roles that have popped up during the pandemic, such as temperature checks and other screening work.

"Our substitutes have always been vital to the success of student learning," said Vega.

Health and safety training will be provided by the district for those who are selected.

The pay rate for Dallas ISD is also significantly higher than the state average of about $90 per day.

Dallas ISD Rates:

  • Teacher Assistant = $78
  • Teacher Non-Degreed = $85
  • Teacher Degreed = $100
  • Teacher Certified = $110
  • Retired Dallas ISD Teacher = $120
  • Special Education Units = $115

Vega said the pay rate is something the district revamped before the pandemic to make Dallas more competitive with other districts.

To qualify as a substitute, you have to have a minimum of 60 college hours or a bachelor's degree but you are not required to be certified.

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