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This Could Be the Fastest Helicopter Ever

Sikorsky introduces its latest innovation



    This Could Be the Fastest Helicopter Ever
    A full-scale mockup of Sikorsky's X2 Technology(TM) Light Tactical Helicopter (LTH).

    Sikorsky has taken a glimpse into the future and it's the fastest chopper ever created -- flying 287 mph with the greatest of ease.

    On Monday, the Stratford-based company unveiled the X2 Technology Light Tactical Helicopter during the Army Aviation Association of America conference in Nashville.

    The speedy, light-weight chopper could push the limits on what helicopters can do and also corners like it's on rails, to steal a phrase from Pretty Woman. 

    The company wants to get the new copter up to 250-knot cruising speed (or 287 miles per hour) but still handle well at low speeds and offer efficient hovering, auto rotation safety and a seamless and simple transition to high speed.

    The fastest existing helicopter is the Lynx, which in 1986 broke the record for the fastest speed ever achieved by a chopper, recording 249 mph, according to the Military Channel.

    “These technologies can potentially bring new rotor-craft capabilities that, to date, have been unachievable by the industry,” said Sikorsky President Jeffrey Pino. 

    The aircraft took its first flight in August 2008 and is still being improved.

    The copter is a combat chopper that has "multi-mission capabilities" and will meet regular U.S. Army and Special Operations future requirements in a variety of combat roles.