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Obama's Barber May Get Dose of Reality

"Split Ends" interviews potential candidates



    CHICAGO -- The small barbershop at 5234 S Blackstone Ave has received an incredible amount of media attention over the past few months.

    And it soon may get its debut on reality TV.

    The Hyde Park Hair Salon, where President Barack Obama used to get his hair cut, has been visited by countless reporters, cameramen, and curious tourists.

    Last weekend, a film crew for the Style Network's reality television show "Split Ends" also stopped by, looking for a few candidates. On the show, two barbers or hairstylists exchange places, leaving their comfort zones and confronting new styles and co-workers.

    The crew interviewed the barbers inside the shop but has not yet said if any of them will be selected for the show.

    Matt Bartosik, editor of Off the Rocks' next issue, probably watches too much reality TV.