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Counter Intelligence: "Lost" Footage Billed as Air France



    Counter Intelligence: "Lost" Footage Billed as Air France

    Read about a station that claimed clips from "Lost" was footage of the Air France flight and take a look at our list of must-reads that will have you chatting at the lunch counter, over IM or wherever it is that people actually talk these days.

      "Lost" Footage Billed as Flight 447

    • A Bolivian television station aired clips from "Lost" and claimed the footage from the hit TV show were the final moments aboard the Air France flight that crashed on June 1. What the news team claimed were "exclusive pictures" of the crash found on a Casio Z750 recovered from the wreckage were in fact a scene from the first season of the show in which the plane breaks apart mid-flight and passengers are sucked out of the jetliner. The video also prominently features actress Evangeline Lilly.
    • A model schoolhouse used to promote the "No Child Left Behind" policy has been ripped down. The red schoolhouse that sits in front of the Department of Education was razed and the logos of the Bush-era education law are being taken down from the agency as Obama pushes through his own education reform.
    • A CD of Mikhail Gorbachev singing traditional Russian songs netted $164,940 at an auction in London. A British philanthropist scooped up the lone copy, which features the former Soviet leader backed up by one of Russia's most popular rock groups. The CD was sold at a benefit to raise money for fighting childhood cancer.
    • Hundreds of tape recordings and thousands of Nixon-era documents are slated to be released online today. About 154 hours of tape recordings and 30,000 documents from January and February 1973 will be released -- and are expected to reveal new details about Watergate, the war in Vietnam, to name a few of the topics covered.
    • Horse owners in Europe will be asked to sign a new pledge not to eat their animals under new European Union legislation. If the owners of equines do not sign the regulations they could face prison or significant fines.  A reported two million horses in Europe are eaten each year and many fear the consumption of horse meat could lead to veterinary drugs entering the water supply.