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Mystified Limbaugh: Palin Has to Leave Alaska

Conservative commentator says America's hockey mom should hit the road



    Mystified Limbaugh: Palin Has to Leave Alaska
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    Rush Limbaugh said Sarah Palin's resignation does not preclude her running for president in the future.

    Rush Limbaugh called Sarah Palin’s decision to resign career suicide if she wants to stay in Alaska – and said he’s still baffled by her reasons.

    “If Sarah Palin has any desire to do a TV show, to do speeches, to raise money, to earn money … she's going to have to do it in the Lower 48,” the conservative commentator said on his radio show Monday. “She cannot do it in Alaska. It's not going to get it done.”

    Limbaugh became the latest pundit to weigh-in after Palin’s abrupt resignation as Alaska governor last weekend to pursue an unspecified “higher calling.”

    The decision left him as mystified as everyone else as to why she did it.

    “We haven't had an official autopsy report,” he said, comparing media speculation on why Palin resigned to endless pundit chatter on Michael Jackson’s cause of death.

    At some point, he said, she’ll tell the world “what this is all about and why she’s doing it.”

    Limbaugh, who has never run for office but whose influence on the political scene has led Democrats call him the titular head of the Republican party, said that Palin could still run for president in the future.

    “I think these people saying that she's an instant target because she quit, that's just inside-the-Beltway formulaic and she's not that,” he said. “If anything this woman, her m.o. is outside-the-box and not formulaic.”