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Foxy Brown Got Queen's Treatment at Rikers



    Foxy Brown Got Queen's Treatment at Rikers
    Foxy Brown was arrested in 2007 after getting into a fight with manicurists in a New York nail salon.

    Foxy Brown may have been behind bars, but she lived the high life at Rikers Island.

    Guards drooled over the rapper like fawning fans, bringing the incarcerated diva food and makeup. They gave her limitless TV and phone privileges and chilled in her cell, even carrying her bags when she got out last April, according to The New York Post.

    Brown, charged with parole violation, got nine months in the slammer after she smacked around a few manicurists back in 2006. She spent her time prancing around in Gucci sneakers and a Fendi scarf, and when those got soiled, her jailhouse entourage brought her clean ones, according to the Post.

    Princess Foxy even got some free press for her new album. Guards organized a photo shoot and interview with a magazine that featured Brown in time for the album's release.

    Some people within the Department of Corrections are furious that guards jumped at the opportunity to be lackeys to Brown behind bars. And they say it's not the first time a star gets an easy time behind bars, courtesy of corrections officers. Officials told the Post the treatment Brown got is yet further proof that the system bends the rules for a lucky few.

    "It's just out of control," one authority told the paper. 

    Another official said the problem stems from a lack of leadership at the top.

    Last week, the jail's top rabbi, Leib Glanz, and correction chief Peter Curcio stepped down after the Post revealed they had orchestrated an extravagant bar mitzvah for a wealthy prisoner's son at a jail in lower Manhattan. That inmate was a regular recipient of perks and special treatment, according to published reports.

    Glanz's boss, Imam Umar Abdul Jalil, apparently was the primary person authorizing royal treatment for Brown, placing special calls to the warden to adhere to Foxy's whim, according to the Post. He's under investigation by the city and the Manhattan DA.