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Tiger Laughs Off Taunts by Drunk Fans

Beer drinkers made for a rowdy crowd



    Tiger Laughs Off Taunts by Drunk Fans
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    A gaggle of suds-swilling fans heckled Tiger Woods during the U.S. Open over the weekend.

    Tiger Woods didn't get teed off at booze-fueled fans who heckled him at the U.S. Open -- instead, the pro just laughed it off.

    "They had a little bit to sip, I think," Woods told Newsday on Sunday. "They had plenty of time in that rain delay, and I think they took full advantage of it." 

    A gaggle of suds-swilling fans began their beer-fueled rant against Woods on Saturday night when the top-ranked player stood under an umbrella in the rain at Bethpage Black in New York, according to Newsday.

    Dozens lined the green at Hole 10 and mocked Woods before he began his third round in the rain.

    "We're on Long Island baby, where men are men!" one fan screamed. "Put that umbrella down!"

    Woods shushed the rowdy crowd with a finger to his lips as another golfer teed off at Hole 12.

    "Suck it up, you've got your own video game!" a spectator shouted.

    Woods wasn't the only golfer to receive such greetings. Fred Funk must have felt like he was back in junior high as fans started screaming his name as a four-letter obscenity, the paper reported.

    Golfers at the seventh hole got some cheerful "this Bud's for you's" and some less cheerful "you suck's."

    Beer stands opened at 11, but Newsday reports that booze lines had formed long before the first beer was poured.