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Heads Up, Dallas Cyclists

Helmets required for Dallas bikers



    Heads Up, Dallas Cyclists
    Dallas police will ticket anyone bicyclist not wearing a helmet.

    Dallas Police officers are enforcing the city's bicycle helmet law.

    The city's legal eagles put the brakes on enforcement this summer after questions were raised about the legality of the rule.

    “As of yesterday, we are able to enforce those bicycle helmet laws again,” Dallas Police Sgt. Warren Mitchell said.

    In June, the city attorney ordered officers to stop enforcing the law to avoid potential lawsuits.

    Bikers Beware: No Helmets, Get a Ticket

    [DFW] Bikers Beware: No Helmets, Get a Ticket
    Dallas police officers are enforcing the city's bicycle helmet law.
    (Published Friday, Oct. 9, 2009)

    “Some people tend to think, perhaps, officers may use it just to stop people,” Sgt. Mitchell said. “But that is not the case.”

    Dallas police insist the bike helmet law is strictly about safety, but, Ean Parsons, owner of the Oak Cliff Bicycle Company isn't buying it. “It gives the police reason to pull people over,” Parsons said. “You know, to shake ‘em down and see if they are doing something illegal.”

    An avid cyclist, Parsons says he almost always wears a helmet. “But if I am not going that far or that fast, maybe a block or two, I'm not going to wear a helmet."

    Parsons say he'd like to have the choice to wear a helmet or not, much like motorcyclists.“Just seems kind of funny you don’t have to wear a helmet to ride a motorcycle, but you do on a bicycle,” Parsons said.

    According to Dallas police, the fine for not wearing a helmet is about $200.