N. Texas Bama Student Shoots Tornado Aftermath

Alabama student and North Texas native Alex Papie shoots the aftermath of the tornado that steamrolled through Tuscaloosa Wednesday.

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Alex Papie
MoshPix: These photos from Tuscaloosa were sent to us by the mother of Univ. of Alabama student, an North Texas native, Alex Papie. "The tornado ripped through her house yesterday as the three roommates were hovering in the bathtub," Sharon told NBC DFW.
Alex Papie
"By some miracle, they had no serious injuries, however they were helping neighbors who were trapped under staircases, chimneys, etc. Some died. The pictures tell the story," said Sharon.
Alex Papie
The tornadoes that swept through the Deep South have killed at least 200, and that number is expected to climb.
Alex Papie
Univ. of Alabama student, and North Texas native, Alex Papie snapped this photo looking out of her front door after severe storms passed through Tuscaloosa Wednesday.
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