Dog Days of Summer 2013 – Gallery X

NBC 5 viewers share photos showing how their pets stay cool in the hot Texas summer.

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Blane Richard
Big Tex swimming in the pool with his ball
Blane Richard
Big Tex enjoying the pool on a hot day Blane and Big Tex chillin in the pool.
Dog days of summer Submitted by: Earl Teague, Keller, Tx Corgi-ville: keep your eye on the ball!
Dog days of summer
Joyce Denton
Buddy Neil Our lab mix, Buddy Neil ready for his afternoon swim! He is one of five dogs we own, but he loves the water the most!
Dog days of summer Sissy and Dora again after being at the lake on floaty now relax and sleep it off on their dad's lap on the way back to house on boat.
Caption this Dixie from Grand Prairie taking a swim in the horse trough.
Serenity Springs Sanctuary
Two birds with one stone I'm Faith Hill....FFA rescue pig. I'm cooling off and at the same time getting a skin treatment. Don't laugh...women used to pay for mud packs. It softens my skin and keeps the insects off of me. See how smart pigs are?'s all free. My close friend Bevo was on the TV but I missed it...I was still in the spa. Come one...come all...oh happy day...I'll share.
Pet photo This is Diesel, my 1 yr. old English Bulldog. This is a pic of his first time swimming. Alison Stocking
Kay Schrack
Ruby Ruby, the bull terrier, ever watchful while staying comfort ably cool!
Dog days of summer The Texas heat got to tank!!!Sent from my Galaxy S®III
Heidi the snorkel Dog!
Bailey Cleere
Bailey Cleere
Bailey Cleere
Flicka getting a drink of water on a hot summer day My grandson Lukes dog, Flicka is getting a drink of water on a hot summer day, thanks , Deb Maclin
Lisa Cavanaugh
Charlies afternoon siesta Heck with warming himself in the summer sun....Charlie loves the coolness of the AC and his favorite pillow: )
Drake enjoying the cool rainy day My name is Allison Johnston my number is
Lisa Cavanaugh
Happiness is Cooper taking a long nap: )
worn out puppy's.
Matthias Psencik
How to be a Cool dog on a Hot day Jessie is your loveable 4.5 year old Golden Retriever - your 100% goof included. She is sporting very fashionable sunglasses and visor from your locally esteemed party store.
Lori Avery
Dog days of SUMMER My two children taking their dog Koda out for a stroll.
Tim and Lena Rink
Toy fox terrier Mimi sunbathing in style I "mustache" you .... Do you love summer as much as i do??? Maybe this thing will make me as cool as it makes me look!
Cassidy Clark
Look mommy the big dog finally let me play with him 11 year old Harley (Golden Retriever) finally let the new puppy 8 week old Gentry (toy Australian Shepard) play with him.
untitled --- Sent with mail@metro, Real Life Real Time Mobile ---
re-send of photo I received an error message on one of the emails I sent with pictures of my dog, @HollyBasset. She lives in Denton with the Bufkins family. Samra (Sam) Jones Bufkins, MJ, APR
My dog, @HollyBasset. She lives in Denton with the Bufkins family. Samra (Sam) Jones Bufkins, MJ, APR
My little diva zoey! (: Hello! My name is Ariel & this is my little diva Zoey relaxing in her bathing suit! I hope you enjoy this! (:
Callie is her name Cooling off after a nice morning walk!! What could be better!!!!
Cam Wetzel
Sun Bathing Pups Pippa, Archer & Rugby catching some rays after a swim. Summer life is exhausting!
Pam Smithson
Dog days of summer This is Frisco he loves the water he is 7 months old rescue blue healer/boxer mix
Jennifer Truax
A Boy and His Dog on Cow Appreciation Day Carter and Tanker ready for a visit to Chick-fil-a for Cow Appreciation Day.
Robert Patterson
The Bulldog Life
For the Dog Days of Summer. Our dog Rocky using the floaty
Julie Jones
My Dog floating on a raft at the lake This is my dog, Diablo. He loves the lake but really would rather ride in the float than swim. Yes, he is very rotten but loved so much.
Dog Days of Summer Zuzu (left) and Paisley (right), love to float with their sister, Brittany. Karri HughesArlington, TX
Penelope Rose This is Penelope Rose and she loves her pool
Dog days of summer! Below is Cooper. He is our 8 month old yellow lab, thus this is his first Texas summer! He's much too hot and tired to stand and drink his water, so he's glued to the coolest floor in our apt. Trying to survive this heat, Cooper Freel :)
Dog Days of Summer - Yorkie in her life jacket. I'm Rylea Fields & I'm 9 years old & live in Mansfield, TX. This is my Yorkie, Zoe. She LOVES to swim. If we are in the water then she has to be in the water. We had to buy her a life jacket because she refuses to get out as long as we are in.
Dog Days of Summer Roxxi whines at us constantly to go to the pool! She loves swimming and floating in her floaty.
Melinda Mitchell
Relaxin Italian Greyhound Bella relaxing in the AC.
Dog days of summer! My German Shepherd Harley 2.5 yrs old swimming in Marine Creek in Fort worth tx he loves going swimming!ThanksJessica Keefer (Saginaw tx)
Dog days of summer! My German Shepherd Harley 2.5 yrs old swimming in Marine Creek in Fort worth tx he loves going swimming!ThanksJessica Keefer (Saginaw tx)
Dog days of summer This is Ranger our collie/lab mix. His way of cooling off is by finding mud puddles and diving in them. He is very proud of himself! -Christina Wheeler Burleson, TX
Gail Brooks
Dog Days of Summer with Fritzi Go around one more time....please?
Rizzo! Enjoying the sunshine:)
Mister Wag's Dog Days of Summer pic Please see attached picture of Mister Wags in the pool. Thank you, Thressa
Dog days of summer :) Bear likes a 'Pool Day' too!!
Dog days of summer This is Sophie our 1 yr old lab, adopted from the McKinney SPCA. We spent the day at the park and she was so thirsty so we had her drink at the red solo cup. From Christina Yaneza Of Grapevine
Katie Gunning
Dog Days of Summer Revie enjoying his own pool on a hot summer day.
K C Hall
Bogey on a Boat Bad Bogey on our pontoon on Bridgeport Lake
Dog Days of SummeR!! Tristan (7 years old) and his dog Nugget (black lab) playing in the water sprinklers in the backyard. Aubrey,Tx Texas summertime :) Mom, Jennifer Rinkenberger
Rayane Jenkins
Rocky loves to swim Hello, my name is Rayane Jenkins, this is my son "Rocky"! He assumes the kids pool is for him. My partner went to empty the pool and he got in it and made himself comfortable. This particular picture is from July 4, 2013...The funniest part of ths story is that Rocky sunbathes immediately afterwards...
Summer pets Maggie May King Charles Cavalier 9 years old Keeping cool in kitchen tile in 100 degree temps Allen, Tx From: Michelle Valliere at
Summer days Yorkie poo name taz mi pet my name Diana Ingram for Grand Prairie
Levi and Sadie
Dog Days of Summer Zipper and Zoe prefer to enjoy the pool from the comfort of their own private watercraft! From Julie and Keil Shults in Corinth, Tx
Im melissa and this is my dog buddy outside enjoying the weather.
Dog Days of Summer This Zoey, 6 year old chihuahua-terrier. She is surfing in the pool. What time does the pics air, so I can be watching?
untitled Coy. Cooling off in birdbath in lingleville
Dogs days of summer photo Gidget Shiles relaxing in the pool on a hot summer day. She loves it! Gidget is a Teacup Yorkie Owners: Julie Shiles
dog days of summer Moe Szyslak, from Prosper, TX, enjoying a hot day in the pool. The first step....that's as far as this pug will go! owners~ Tina & Mike Rynbrandt
dog days of summer Moe Szyslak, from Prosper, TX, enjoying a hot day in the pool. The first step....that's as far as this pug will go! owners~ Tina & Mike Rynbrandt
Haley Dale
Hattie Dale Hattie (golden - 1 yr old) watching the sail boats at White Rock Lake.
Jean Jones
Dog Days of Summer Gracie loves floating the afternoon away!
Dog Days of Summer Maggie says "Hey Mom, I think I need a bigger pool".
ethan wilkinson
Flluffy on a floater he cant swim, but he still likes to hang out on his floaty
Our dog!
Chewy wading in the water at Lake Lewisville!
Chewy wants to jump in the Lake!
Swimming to cool off! Lake Lewisville!
Haley Dale
Dog Days of Summer Hattie (golden - 1 yr old) and Bailey (lab - 7 1/2 yrs old) jumping in the lake at White Rock!
Dog Days of Summer Miss Bailey trying out her new life jacket while Miss Bridgette Chardonnay gets a drink out of the spa. Darwin Bradam, Lake Bridgeport
Summer photo of Bentley Bentley enjoying the pool on the 4th of July. Sent in by Kasi MCcaslin.
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