Dog Days of Summer 2012 – Gallery XI

NBC 5 viewers share photos of their pets trying to stay cool as hot weather moves into North Texas.

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sharon pearson
Dog Days of Summer Heineken posing before he dives in!
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Dog Days of Summer Corona and Heineken having fun at the lake sharing a stick!
Lauren E
Dog Days of Summer--Deuce Carrie Paynter
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A Day In The Life Of Dawson He is not a big fan of swimming in the pool, but loves to float in it.
moe moe moe moe relaxin
Dog Days of Summer BATH time sounds good in the heat of the summer!! Heineken, Corona, Bogie and Winston
Dog Days of Summer Boatin' and enjoying the lake!
Dog Days of Summer Just another day at the golf course! (Bogie Beers)
My Bloodhound Junior Gave my dog a bath outside to help cool him down, and afterward lips and ears went flying!
Dog days of summer Miller is looking cool while staying cool! Taken by jack Beasley of coppell with a GoPro camera
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Dog Days of Summer Nothing could be better than playing ball & being WET to make it through these Dog Days of Summer! This is Rango playing in the fountain. Rango is a 10 month old Lab in the Patriot PAWS Service Dog program, training to become a service dog for one of our nation's disabled Veterans. Debbie Bringhurst Keller, TX Patriot PAWS Volunteer
Surfing Kitten Our neighbors kitten likes to surf on the float to keep cool while we swim.
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captain jake on his boat Jake loves the pool so much, he dives in the water, floats on the pool and swishes his beard around to steer the float to various destinations....he is so much fun to swim with. He is our nanny if anyone swims underwater he swims over the top of them to guard them.
Dog days of summer- Debo from Denton Please let me know when he will be on the air! Thanks! Conrad
Dog days of Summer! I caught Freddie chillin on the back porch... In my chair! He loves laying in chairs, but this looked funny like he was sun bathing! He is a 1 1/2 old longhaired dachshund Jeff and Steff Peterson Alvarado, TX
Rhino Helping with Yard Work Rhino pug loves helping out with yard work on brisk summer mornings!
Amy Adamek
Dog days of summer!
Dog Days of Summer This is how Bailey and Cooper spend the hot summer afternoons
Dog Days of Summer - Merci Me Merci Me has been swimming since she was 9 months old and will be turning 5 on Aug. 20th. She loves to play in the pool with her toy or anybody who wants to play with her. She knows how to push off the wall, she knows when she's in the shallow end that she can stand up and put her paws on the side of the pool. She has even stood on her back legs balancing herself while trying to figure out how to get her sunken toy off the pool floor.
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Murphy keeping cool on his boat ride Murphy lives at Eagle Mountain Lake and his favorite thing besides chasing squirrels is riding in the boat.
DJ chilling in the pool DJ , a french bulldog, is not good in the heat, so when he gets hot he heads for his pool. Who said a dog's life is not good.
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Dog Days of Summer Beltre' Beltre' is one lucky dog. He was a stray in bad part of town in Fort Worth and was hit by a car. He was scheduled to be put down and was saved just in time by DFW Lab Rescue. He has bilateral pelvic fractures, had a ruptured bladder that required emergency surgery, cuts, bruises and hair loss. Poor Beltre' was near starved to death.He is now in a foster home safe and recovering. This is his picture of him after his daily swim therapy. He was not expected to live and now he has the best life ever.He is available for adoption and is one happy 3yr old Chocolate Lab. Robin Hamiltondallas|fort worth Labrador Retriever Rescue Club, Inc.Director of Foster
Dog days of summer 2012 My dog Rebel keeping cool in the pool.
William Hennessy
Dog Days of Summer Every day is SPLASH DAY for Riley! Does this picture say, "JOY" or what? [:-3CherylPlano, Tx
Dog Days of Summer Popeye the pug is having a great summer. We hope you at NBC are as well. Michael and Mandy
Dog Days The Drifters (Betel, Frank and Jerry) are keeping cool. Paula Ashley Business System Consultant Operations Problem & Incident Management MAC T2825-010 | Cell
Dog Days of Summer Photos Sophie the Golden Retriever, gets relief from the Summer heat, tubing down the river with ducks and savoring some ice cream. Traci Dickson
My Dog Bauer My black lab, Bauer soaking in the summer sun! Total Relaxation!
Diamond This is a picture of my doggie Diamond having a little r and r from playing all day. She knows how to pose for the camera!!
untitled Fort Worth "Lab Rescue" Yellow Lab named "Oadie" is looking Cool Before taking the Plunge! "Miguel" from Grand Prairie
untitled Fort Worth "Lab Rescue" Yellow Lab named "Oadie" is looking Cool Before taking the Plunge! "Miguel" from Grand Prairie
dog days of summer Russell relaxing in the grass!
Ju-Ju Bee laying in the shade Our new puppy loves laying in the shade.
Joanne Miller
dog days of summer- i mean chicken days superchicken cooling off from the Texas heat
Thumper staying cool This is Thumper our pet mini rex rabbit. He loves floating in the pool. He lives in Whitney, Texas. Cay Howard
Dog Days Of Summer Drew, Cookie & Ava chilling out on the pool Monday afternoon.
Maddie perfers to drive Like to drive the boat
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Hit it Maddie like the tubbing
Judy Vivian
Maddie after day at Lake She gets tired too
maddie like the pool cleaner She will jump in or bark till you let her have it with the pool cleaner
what is this stuff Mercy is a mini australian sheppard, she's deaf and blind in one eye. this picture was taken one day in july when we got about one minute of a good steady rain in Fate, Tx. it's the first time Mercy has experienced rain, since her birth.
Meghan Henry
Samantha and Freedom floating in the pool Our dog, Samantha and Cockatiel, Freedom, floating in out pool. Samantha doesn't like to swim, but she LOVES to float!
dog days picture Hello! my name is Hailey Nelson, I live in Frisco, and this is a picture of my Dog cookie floating on a boogie board in the pool!The title of the photo is Summer love and Poolside pups.Thanks so much!
Maddie loves the boat Can not go to lake or pool without her
Roxy trying to stay cool in this summer heat! Roxy loves to swim and float around in our pool!
Nelson relaxing He don't need no steenking pool when he can relax under the ceiling fan ...
Cooling off in Wylie Phaeton the horse standing in the water trough at Double B Equestrian in Wylie.
Just cooling off in Wylie Phaeton the horse in the water trough with his owner spraying him with the water hose at Double B Equestrian in Wylie
Dog Days of Summer Photos Sophie the Golden Retriever, gets relief from the Summer heat, tubing down the river with ducks and savoring some ice cream. Traci Dickson
Getty Images for TRESemme
Dog Days of Summer Photos Sophie the Golden Retriever, gets relief from the Summer heat, tubing down the river with ducks and savoring some ice cream. Traci Dickson
Dog Days of Summer Photos Sophie the Golden Retriever, gets relief from the Summer heat, tubing down the river with ducks and savoring some ice cream. Traci Dickson
Candy "This is what happens when the parents are gone."
Dog Days Submission Brinklee catching some air. She loves fetching her tennis ball in the pool.
RE: Dog Days Of Summer Attached is a picture of Cha Cha our 3.4 lb. Chihuahua. Parents are Benny and Donna Douglas from the Lake Palestine area. Cha Cha is 9 1/2 years old. Her three favorite hobbies are sleeping, eating and barking when the doorbell rings!!! Thank You So Much! Benny & Donna Douglas
dog days of summer caption "ok enough with the pictures Lets swim" Doreen Snediker, Haslet tx this is Penny (Pig) at Lake Texoma ____________________________________________________________53 Year Old Mom Looks 33The Stunning Results of Her Wrinkle Trick Has Botox Doctors
dogs day of summer my name is Steve this is my dog, early in day, Auguest 2, 2012 This is Chase he is (2) year old Shelty from Duncanville, he loves the water.
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Breezy waiting to swim Colleyville, TX. Jan's dog Breezy.
How my dogs enjoy and deal with heat dog days
Becky and Cotten This is my bird dog Cotten. He loves for me to float around in the poole while I hold him. He is the most adorable dog in the entire world. Please share my photo with your viewers! Have a great day!! Becky Scott Euless, Texas
Dog Days of Summer Skeeter hanging in the backyard with his shades on so he can see to fetch his toy!!
Krista and her pup Krista and her blue Doberman Pinscher pup keeping cool in the pool
Bully the Lifeguard Dog Bully Leaps off the side of the pool to save Justin diving off the diving board.
Dog days of summer This is my 1 year old jack Russell cooling down!
Dog days of summer Sent video of Coco swimming - this is after - ready to rest and sun! June Butler
Dog Days of Summer Zeus and Sadie Sue prefer to spend these hot summer days relaxing indoors in the air conditioning!Owners: Hannah and Matthew Cummings, Dallas, TXSent from my HTC EVO 4G LTE exclusively from Sprint
Our Beagle Casper Casper making the best of his summer!
Damian Trujillo
Olympic Puppy While she often swims to avoid the "Dog Days", she has taken a liking to the Olympics and actually sits and watches TEAM USA with us.
Christine Maddela
Golden enjoys swimming pool Max cooling off in the pool on his very own pool float in the 100+ heat!
untitled Here is a picture of Meischa giving herself a bath. Jane in Springtown,Tx
Rosie I'm Paige Williams this is Rosie resting in the
Dog days of summer This is Nova and Toby chilling out in the pool.
dog days of summer Our half blind and deaf puppy enjoying her new found toy..her frisbee.
NBC 5 News
Dog Days of Summer This is how our 200Lb great dane stays cool...He eats a lot of ice cold watermelon!! NO JOKE!
Dog Days of Summer Here is a picture of Pepper, who is a Border Collie mix, drinking water from the watering pot. She would not let us water the flowers, but would only let us water her so she could get a few�gulps of water!� Thanks,Adam & Carly Beck�Flower Mound, TX
Dog Days of Summer-Squishy and Bella Here is a picture of our daughter Avery (nicknamed Squishy) and our dog Bella cooling off with the water hose.
Avery pet photo This my dog Avery floating in the lake with us. She actually took a nap in the floaty. Kristie Bailes Southlake
Dog in the pool! Hank likes to jump in the water and splash people, lol!
Lupe and Chili Pepper Lupe and Chili Pepper jump in the garden right after the sprinklers go off. They rub on the wet foliage to cool off. They weigh a total of 12 pounds. Glenda Story.
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