Billy Bob's By The Numbers

Check out the numbers behind Billy Bob's 30 years of Honky Tonk.

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30 Years: Billy Bob's Texas opened in 1981 and has since become the world's largest honky tonk...and here are the numbers to prove it.
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10,600 nights: Think you've had a long run? Try matching Billy Bob's over 10K open nights. That's a lot of sunsets.
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17 million visitors: That's a lot of concert goers, bull riders, line dancers, and honky tonk lovers, huh?
35 million beers: You're certain to get thirsty after line dancing all night, so we guess this isn't too surprising.
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46,000 bucking bulls: Ride 'em, Cowboy -- Billy Bob's bulls (both real and mechanical) have left quite a few folks with bruises.
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7,800 stars on stage: Everyone from Merle Haggard to Toby Keith, Loretta Lynn to Miranda Lambert (plus 7,776 more) have hit the stage at Billy Bob's.
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53 Willie Nelson Concerts: That's nearly twice as many concerts as how many years Billy Bob's has been open.
11 Country Music Club of the Year awards: And with good reason -- see the previous slides.
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