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Texans Remember Colorado Victims

Dallas church holds service to honor 12 killed and 58 wounded.



    The Faith Memorial Church in South Dallas held a memorial Sunday to remember those killed in the Colorado theatre rampage. (Published Monday, July 23, 2012)

    Sunday evening tens of thousands gathered for a prayer service in Aurora, Colorado, to remember the 12 people killed and 58 injured during a shooting rampage this past Friday.

    Meanwhile, at the Faith Memorial Church in South Dallas, dozens gathered there to do the same thing.

    "It's never a good occasion to have bad things happen," said Pastor Omar Jahwar. "But God is able to do his best at our worst."

    "It's those families and the killer's mother need prayer right now," said a female speaker.

    During the vigil, individuals sang and danced to remember the victims and refelct.

    One woman reminded the audience you never know when an incident like this can happen. 

    "It was Colorado the other day, it could be Texas tomorrow," she said. 

    Many speakers said the killings should serve as a wake-up call for lawmakers, calling for stricter laws cracking down on violence in our country.

    "We can tell you if somebody stole a stapler at work, but we couldn't tell you this young man ordered that much ammunition around and it didn't send a red flag up nowhere?," questioned one woman.

    "I wear my button stop gun violence every day bcause here in Dallas we've had enough. We've seen enough," she said.