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Two Brothers Drown in Lewisville Lake

Teenage brothers drown after high winds picked up



    Parada Family Mourns Brothers Who Drowned at Lake Lewisville

    The Richardson family is coming to grips with the death of two brothers. 17-year-old Rony Parada was trying to help save his 15-year-old brother Harly when they both drowned at Lake Lewisville Sunday. (Published Monday, July 2, 2012)

    A pair of teenage brothers drowned in Lewisville Lake on Sunday afternoon.

    Emergency crews were called to the lake just after 5 p.m. after 15-year-old Harly Parada and 17-year-old Rony Parada went under.

    Witnesses said the two were swimming when winds picked up because of a passing storm front.

    Officials used sonar equipment to determine the location of one of the boys. Divers found the boy within eight minutes of the first diver getting into the water. The other brother was found about 90 minutes later.

    Two Brothers Drown At Lewisville Lake

    [DFW] Two Brothers Drown At Lewisville Lake
    Emergency crews pull a pair of brothers from Lewisville Lake.
    (Published Monday, July 2, 2012)

    The brothers were transported to Medical Center Lewisville but did not survive.

    Battalion Chief Chris Sweet said witnesses told them one brother was trying to help the other.

    "When the winds picked up, a storm front blew through, kind of blew them out," he said. "One of them had trouble; the other went to help him, from reports we had."

    Neither of the boys were wearing a life vest.

    The boys' mother, Maria Triminio, said family members tried to help.

    "Harly said, 'Help me, please,'" she said. "Rony [went] for him. He said, 'Get up, get up.'"

    She said the strong winds made the water choppy out on the lake.

    Triminio said both of her sons were hard-working and helpful with big dreams for the future.

    Rony Parada had enlisted in the U.S. Army and planned to begin training after finishing school at Berkner High School this fall.

    Harly Parada was going into his sophomore year at Berkner, where he played football. Triminio said he loved Berkner and had a lot of friends there.

    The family is from Honduras, and the brothers moved to the United States when they were toddlers.

    Funeral arrangements are still being worked out. The family plans to have relatives come from Honduras.

    The family has set up a donation fund to cover funeral costs. The fund is under Rony Parada at Chase Bank.