Your Sweetheart's Flowers Will Make It On Time

The Super Bowl week winter storm proved to be formidable for area florists. That's because many suppliers were unable to fly in flowers and truck delivery slowed because of the weather.
"I think the main frustration we had was actually getting our product here," said Bryna Morrow, of Dr. Delphinium. "So much of our product is actually flown here from across the world, and so when we can't get to the airports, when the airports aren't open, we can't get our product, or even trucks are delayed coming in."
But local florists said they caught up quickly and don’t expect any problems from the winter blast expected this week. That’s good news, especially since Valentine’s Day is the biggest day of the year in the flower business.
"I think people are in panic mode a little bit like, oh my gosh, valentine’s is here,” said morrow. But the sales staff and designers at Dr. Delphinium said there is no reason to panic, even if the weather turns foul.
"We want to make sure to get the flowers to them as early as possible, and for us, that would be the end of this week,” Morrow said. "As long as we can get our drivers on the road early to deliver the product we should be fine."

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