Your Home Could Star in “Dallas”

Homeowners can submit their home for show production

Everyone is looking for their 15 mintues of fame. And while you may not be the star on the revived series "Dallas," your home could be.

After 20 years off the air, the show "Dallas" is coming back to TV on cable network TNT. Instead of cowboy hats and big hair, it will target a younger, more modern audience.

In the next few months, crews will scour the streets of the Dallas-area looking for places to shoot those dramatic scenes, including, your home.

Homeowners can submit their houses online. But before doing so, real estate blogger Candice Evans of, warns there are some things to consider.

"What you have to be prepared for is wear and tear on your house," Evans said. "That just goes with the territory. Because there's cables, there's tripods and there's lights... you will have to touch up a few little nicks here in there."

She also warns you could be out of your home for several weeks, but the payoff Evans said, is big.

She said one Dallas family who submitted their home for a film received $2,500 per day. In the meantime, stayed in a nice hotel.

"If you have an addition you want to put on your house, or you want to repalce your carpeting, there it is! Right there," she said.

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