Yoga Class Helps Couples Tangle

Dragon Fire taking reservations for Valentine's Day Partner Yoga

Yoga, with all its sensual origins, has sustained its reputation for spawning lustful looks during long poses and romantic comedies featuring affairs between student and teacher.

So we're intrigued by Dragon Fire Yoga's Valentine's Day Partner Yoga Class -- a rare opportunity to bring your lover into the circle where you sweat and stretch and inspect your spirit (among other, more physical phenomena) without them.

Situated from 4-6 p.m., leaving enough time left afterward to shower before the dinner date, the class is billed as the ultimate bonding experience, fueled by poses that require trust, surrender, and other sexy-sounding virtues.

Dragon Fire offers Hatha Yoga, the popular fight-back-those-giggles meditation kind; Vinyasa Yoga, intense, athletic yoga after which one well-loved instructor rewarded students with a glass of wine; and Kundalini Yoga, the kind many say brings an influx of intuitive energy that could have landed you on the watch lists of ruling powers. (Ana Brett assures us here, unconvicingly despite a costume change, that dangerous side-effects like losing touch with reality are urban myths floating around on the Internet; she appears to be floating herself.) The Dallas studio also hosts belly dancing and martial arts classes, so we're thinking participants will come away with an informed overview of beginner-style poses safe enough for the bedroom floor.

Don't think it'll get too weird on site, though: parents and kids are invited to come as partners, and individuals are welcome to pair up with other singles who have the courage to come alone. Register here by Thursday.

Lyndsay Knecht Milne retains her friendly nature while copy editing for the Denton Record-Chronicle. She will probably blog about recent sightings of her son doing Down Dog unprompted at Sugar Burns.

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